Precision Spinal Care, LLC

New Patient

Office Visit Explanations:

So you’re interested in becoming a patient…that’s great! To start the process, all you have to do is call our office at 308-221-2880 or 877-484-5600 and set up a time. We will be happy to assist you in finding the best time to schedule your first appointment. You can even print out your initial paperwork from our web site so you can save some time.

There are four major parts to our examination and care procedure: consultation and examination, precise x-ray imaging, precise spinal re-alignment, and post-adjustment recuperation.

Visit 1

Welcome to Precision Spinal Care. Our first visit will consist of:


Consultation and Examination: A routine interview and examination is necessary to ascertain your current health status and case history. This is important for establishing a health baseline as a new patient and to assess your progress if you are a patient under our care.

Precise X-rays: If during your examination we discover nervous system irritation, an accurate determination of the upper cervical alignment must be made. Specially aligned x-ray technology is used to assure a proper determination of your spine. The x-ray images are then analyzed by the practitioner to determine the three-dimensional displacement of the spinal misalignment. Be assured that radiological examinations are performed only when clinically necessary to insure proper patient care.

Total allotted time: 1 hour

Visit 2

Welcome back. During this visit, we will be reviewing our findings, showing you where you are and where you want to be. We will explain your findings and we will answer any of your questions. We will also answer two important questions you will have: What is wrong and Can we help? This will all be accomplished by:

Report of finding: Showing you what is causing your pain and symptom.

Precise Corrections: The unique anatomy of the upper neck dictates the use of a unique adjustment to correct your misalignment. We use specially designed tables which help relax the spine, thus resulting in a gentle, painless and highly effective re-alignment of the spine.

Re-x-ray:  Taking post x-rays to ensure your spine is re-aligned. Like accountability of pre-blood work at a medical doctors office and post treatment a follow-up blood lab to see if the treatment changed your blood to the normal range, we take a post x-ray to insure the accuracy of our care.

Resting Period: NUCCA care strongly encourages a recuperation period for two reasons. This is to give the nervous system time to accommodate to receiving 100% of its signals again. The second is to allow the ligaments and muscles that hold the spine together to begin to stretch and adapt to the change in the spine’s position. Following the correction, the patient is escorted to a resting suite and remains there for approximately 15 minutes.

Total allotted time: 1 hour

Frequently Asked Questions About X-Rays:

Why do we take x-rays? They allow us to:

  • Find out if you have a problem we can help you with.
  • Determine what stage or condition are we talking about.
  • Obtain a specific “key” to unlock the misalignment of your spine.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Having the proper information keeps us from
  • GUESSING with your health care. It would be like flying a plane without radar, never knowing when you are going to run into danger.

How do we go about minimizing your x-ray exposure?

  • Necessary views only: Only the views needed to accurately analyze your problem are taken.
  • Regular inspection: Government licensing and inspection assure correctly functioning equipment and proper safety procedures.
  • High speed film: Less exposure is required for each view by using faster, more sensitive film stocks.
  • Electronic timing: High-tech timing devices make exposures in 1/100ths of a second more precise.
  • Intensification screens: Luminescent film cassettes amplify the image and reduce the exposure needed for each view.
  • Filtration and collimation: Filtering and limiting the beam to the film size avoid exposure to other body parts.
  • Thorough training: Doctors receive over 200 accredited hours of training and government certification.
  • Years of experience: Predictable high-quality images are the results of years of experience.

An accurate record of your spine far outweighs the minimal risk. Your x-rays will:

  • Reveal pathologies and degeneration
  • Show a history of your spinal stresses
  • Visualize the location of spinal problems
  • Confirm other examination findings
  • Make your adjustments more precise
  • Record structural and functional progress

How many x-rays are safe?

  • A normal cervical film is 40 mr (MiliRoentgens)
  • The safety zone per year is zero-5 Roentgens
  • To stay within the safety zone, a total of 125 cervical films could be taken each year.